JUST IN: Former Asec Reveals the Reasons Why She Loves the Government for Providing P3-Billion to DSWD Centers

Former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Asec Lorraine Marie T. Badoy revealed the reasons why she loved the government under the leadership of Pres. Rody Duterte after the success of the P3-Billion Budget allocated for the mentainance of the 71 DSWD Centers nationwide which was nearly forgotten by the previous DSWD administration.

According to Asec Badoy who is now appointed as tne new Undersecretar of the Presidential Communications Office (PCOO) stated that once neglected DSWD Centers all over the country could now be taken care of by the national government.

The veteran doctor who is also known in social media as one of the SocMed bloggers of Pres. Duterte, recognized the efforts made by former DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo who went out of her airconditioned office and therefore saw for herself the reality on the ground.

She was able to witness the horrific conditions in GRACES and JFC and created a team that looked into the whole situation.

Former Secretary Taguiwalo was instrumental for the approval of the P3-Billion budget for the rehabilitations and repair of the 71 DSWD Centers nationwide once neglected by the Aquino administration and the last time it was maintained was in 2015 with a measly 300 plus million budget for 71 centers.

Here's the Complete Statement of Former DSWD Asec Lorraine Marie Badoy:

I love government.

Never, in my WHOLE life, did I think I would ever say this other than as a joke. And I am not saying this just because I am now part of it but because I am the newbie on the front seats seeing how these all works. And it is wonderful. Almost 
like magic.

For instance.
DSWD's 71 centers all over the country had gone to seed. Centers that took care of the least (abandoned babies, abused children, raped girls, abandoned older persons, PWDs)--were themselves not cared for.
They'd been, for the most part, quite forgotten. Except for the compassionate and caring DSWD employees and private citizens that took up the slack in the face of INCOMPETENCE of their higher ups. (Hello Donkey, wave naman jan.)
Then in comes Judy Taguiwalo, then-Secretary of the DSWD who went out of her aircon'd office and therefore saw for herself the REALITY on the ground.
She saw the horrific conditions in GRACES and JFC and created a team that looked into the whole situation.

One of the things we found out that shocked us was that the last time money was ever given to build or maintain structures was in 2015 --300 plus million for 71 centers. A ridiculously small amount really. And then before that, NO ONE EVEN REMEMBERS WHEN.
Until Sec Judy clearly, PASSIONATELY asked for it in Congress.

And just like that, Congress gave 2 billion pesos to us for the capital outlay of our centers. Yes guys, CONGRESS! Yey! <3
Then in the Senate deliberations of our budget, the beautiful Sen Loren Legarda championed DSWD's Centers and the defense of that 2 Billion pesos.
And as if that weren't mindblowing enough, Sen Nancy Binay said she wanted an extra 1 billion more for our Centers.

Well I listened to all these like I had just won Ms Universe. It was all I could do not to jump out of my seat and do a victorious fist pump. "YES!"
Because as Asst Secretary for Centers and Institutions, I can tell you honestly how most of my waking hours have been spent looking for money for our Centers. And deducing (wrongly) that I could only get money needed to build the DESPERATELY needed structures from the private sector. I was THIS close to selling my soul.
Well, sale of my soul is temporarily suspended.

Budget's not final yet but for now, government is doing the right thing by doing this never-before-done, UNPRECEDENTED deed for the LEAST of our kababayan. Not for anything they can get out of them but just because it is the right thing to do.
Your money is going where it OUGHT to be going.
I am finally getting it.

If your public servants truly CARE about the people they serve, government not only works but WORKS MAGNIFICENTLY WELL.
You ask me why I am hopeful for our country. And I tell you this and a hundred more great reasons that give me hope.
A lot of it starts with a President who EXPECTS results. And that you do your job well. Yan lang ang hinihingi nya.

Source: Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy FB Page

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