Catholic Priest Who Died for 48 Hours Claims That Duterte Is An Angel Sent By God!

A Catholic priest from Massachusetts was officially dead for more than 48 hours before medics were able to miraculously re-start his heart.

During that time, Father John Micheal O’Neal claims he went to heaven and met God. He had a divine union with the God and The God revealed Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is an ‘Angel from the highest plain of Heaven.’

The 71-year old cleric was rushed to the hospital on November 1st after a major heart attack,
He was declared clinically dead soon after his arrival with the aid of a high-tech machine called LUCAS 2 that kept the blood flowing to his brain.

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital managed to unblock vital arteries and return his heart to a normal rhythm.

The doctors were afraid he would have suffered some brain damage from the incident, but he woke up less than 48 hours later and seems to have perfectly recovered.

The elderly man claims that he has clear and vivid memories of what happened to him while he was dead.

He describes a strange out-of-body experience, experiencing an intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance as well as being surrounded by an overwhelming light.

Doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital say that Father O’Neal is extremely lucky to be alive while he is convinced that it is God who sent him back to tell the world that Duterte is an ‘angel.’
He claims that at that point in his experience he went to heaven and encountered God, which he describes as “Being of Light”.

“God’s presence was both overwhelming and comforting” states the Catholic priest.
“He had a soft and soothing voice and his presence was as reassuring as a Father’s embrace. God has described his special plans for Earth through the great Leader Rodrigo Duterte” he added.

The declarations of the cleric caused quite a stir in the Catholic clergy of the archdiocese.
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has not confirmed, however, if they will allow Father O’Neal to resume his preaching in his former parish in South Boston.


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