LOOK: Jay Sonza Exposed Inquirer, Reveals Security Detail of Drug Queen Assigned During PNoy's Time

Prominent social media personality and trusted former news presenter of GMA News, Jay Sonza exposed the alleged spread of Inquirer's fake news on social media as he revealed on his latest post that the security details of the arrested drug queen were in fact assigned to the suspects during the time of former Pres. Aquino and Mar Roxas as DILG Secretary.

According to Jay Sonza, the police bodyguard of the arrested drug queen as reported by Inquirer were detailed in 2014 during the time of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

The said members of the Speacial Action Force (SAF) and the Presidential Security Group (PSG) which were reported earlier by Inquirer were in fact members of the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) since the year 2013 or during Mar Roxas term as DILG Secretary under the Aquino administration.

Here's the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

let us set the record straight. the police bodyguard of the arrested drug queen near the palace were detailed in 2013 during the time of interior secretary mar roxas. they were authorize by the aquino government to secure the lady. not during the time of duterte. they were discovered only during the raid by pdea and yes they were discovered during the time of duterte.

dapat maliwanag ito sa lahat. sila ay nadistino para maging guwardiya/bodyguard ng drug queen 2013 pa. president si pinoy at dilg sec. si roxas at may final say sa deployment ng mga pulis.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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