LOOK: Winwyn Marquez Tells Bolivia, "We Have the Best President in the World"

Teresita Ssen "Winwyn" Marquez left a mark on the world on Saturday, November 4 (Sunday, November 5 in Manila), when she was delegated as the main Asian and Filipina Reina Hispanoamericana in Sta Cruz, Bolivia.

The Filipina lovely lady made another history when she disclosed to TV Boliviana that President Rodrigo Duterte is the best president on the world.

On Sunday, a day in the wake of winning the crown, Marquez was welcomed by TV Boliviana for a meeting. The host, Edgar Martinez got some information about the progressing drug issue in the Philippines, and the on-screen character's answer hushed Martinez.

The following is part of the interview transcript.

Edgar Martinez: ¿Qué puedes decir sobre el problema de las drogas en tu país? (What can you say about the drug problem in your country?
 Winwyn Marquez:  Bueno, puedo decir que nuestra policía lo está haciendo bien en la lucha contra las drogas ilegales y tengo mucha confianza en nuestro gobierno. (Well, I can say that our police is doing great in fighting illegal drugs and I have a lot of trust in our government.)
 Edgar Martinez:  Su presidente, Rodrigo Duterte es una figura popular aquí en América del Sur, ¿qué piensa de él como su presidente? Your president, Rodrigo Duterte is a popular figure here in South America, what do you think about him as your president?
 Winwyn Marquez: El presidente Duterte es el mejor presidente de Filipinas y, para mí, es el mejor presidente del mundo. Solo puedo decir cosas buenas de él y él cuenta con el apoyo del 90% de la población filipina. (President Duterte is the Philippine’s best president, and for me, he is the best president in the world. I can only say good things about him and he has the support of 90% of the Filipino people.)

Martinez was stunned for some time and changed his subject back to event.

Marquez is the main ever Asian to win Reina Hispanoamericana, and the Philippine's first historically speaking competitor.

Together with Karen Ibasco who won Miss Earth on Friday, Marquez will be regarded with a legends' welcome upon their arrival this week.

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