Mocha Uson Reveals How Biased the Dilawans Are Pointing ANC's Report About Davao City

One of the country's most trusted social media personality who have shaken the media industry with her more than 5 million followers and millions of engagement on social media, PCOO Asec Mocha Uson revealed how biased the Dilawans are by pointing out ANC's latest mistakes on their report but nobody from their group condemn the network.

According to Mocha Uson, one of the main reason why she called the Dilawans (Yellow Party) are considered as Blind Opposition. If a certain Duterte supporters commits mistakes they are always there to condemn such mistakes but if one of their groups they remained silent.

The statement of Mocha Uson came out after ABS-CBN News (ANC) reported on their Facebook Page that "Some P3 million worth of marijuana plants were uprooted in two barangays in Davao City" despite the fact the the article was about the incident in Danao City in Cebu Province and not in Davao.

ANC mentioned Davao City on their Facebook Page but the photos clearly suggests that the incident happened in Danao City due to the provision of a map on the said article.

Mocha Uson called out ABS-CBN and even lambasted the news network by saying that "Kung dati ang ABSCBN biased ngayong balasubas na talaga, garapalan na. Dapat na talagang ibasura yang istasyon na yan."

Here's the Complete Statement of Mocha Uson:

Dito mo talaga malalaman na ang mga DILAWAN ay BLIND OPPOSITION. Pag DDS ang nagkamali grabeh makapuna. Pero pag kasamahan nila wala.

Eto naman ANC (ABSCBN) hindi mo alam kung nagkamali o nananadya. Ang laki na nga ng mapa sa larawan tapos DAVAO pa talaga ang headline. 

Kung dati ang ABSCBN biased ngayon balasubas na talaga, garapalan na. Dapat na talagang ibasura yang istasyon na yan.

Source: Mocha Uson FB Page

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