SHOCKING: Veteran Journo Clarifies That Security Detail Of Drug Queen's Daughter Authorized During PNoy's Term

A woman named Diana Yu Uy was recently caught with millions and pesos worth of illegal drugs. Diana is living in a condominium near Malacanang and is under the protection of cops from the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG.)

It was found that Uy's mother Yu Yuk Lai is detained at the Correctional Institute for women (CIW.) Uy managed to sneak illegal drugs into the CIW because she had a VIP status for having a front of a supplier for prison facilities.

During the operation, Uy and Police Officer 3 Walter Vidad was nabbed together with two other employees were arrested by the PDEA agents.

PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino also claimed that Uy even attempted bribe PDEA agents with P5-M.

Naturally, critics will point this to the Duterte administration, to which veteran newscaster Jay Sonza has a comeback. He posted on his Facebook wall a reminder that the lady was being protected since 2013, there was no way that Duterte can be behind this.

let us set the record straight. the police bodyguard of the arrested drug queen near the palace were detailed in 2013 during the time of interior secretary mar roxas. they were authorize by the aquino government to secure the lady. not during the time of duterte. they were discovered only during the raid by pdea and yes they were discovered during the time of duterte.

dapat maliwanag ito sa lahat. sila ay nadistino para maging guwardiya/bodyguard ng drug queen 2013 pa. president si pinoy at dilg sec. si roxas at may final say sa deployment ng mga pulis.


However, Uy has to renew her request for security every 6 months according to PNP-PSPG head Chief Superintendent Joel Crisostomo Garcia.
“The request is renewable every six months so dadaan sa same process, she has to apply for the availment of police security personnel, she has to submit application letter and affidavit that she is under threat,”
Furthermore, Garcia claimed that they were unaware that Uy is the daughter of a convicted drug lord. She asked for security because she and her sister were kidnapped on May 21, 2006 in an establishment along Shaw Boulevard.

When she first asked for security, she doesn't have any criminal records so her request was granted by the Aquino administration.

As a response to what happened, the PSPG said they would amend its policy and would conduct a stricter background check on the individuals that are requesting for their security.

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