Thinking Pinoy Expose the Controversial Rebutal of Sen. Trillanes Camp About the "Little Narco" News Article

Controversial lawmaker, Sen. Antonio Trillanes attacked the credibility of Thinking Pinoy on their latest press release regarding the viral news article first published by PhilStar when the camp of the senator refuted reports saying that US President Donald Trump called him a "narco."

RJ Nieto or Thinking Pinoy even dubbed Trillanes as an idiot for allegedly admitting that we should doubt the mainstream media who first reported the issue about Trillanes being called by Pres. Trump as "little narco."

Part of Trillanes statement said, "a significant remark like that would've been captured by mainstream media and not released through bloggers, fake news websites and tabloid columns."

Trillanes' rebuttal did not mentioned any of the original article written by Al G. Geroche who wrote for Pilipino Star Ngayon column "Aksyon Ngayon" who published "Little Narco' met with Sen. Marco - Trump," part of which reads:

"Habang pasakay sa Air Force I na siyang ginamit ng Pangulo ng Amerika, tinanong daw ng isang reporter si Trump tungkol sa pagbisita ni Trillanes at ang eksaktong sagot daw ni Trump ay: 'The Little Narco met with Sen. Marco.'"

The PSN column of Pedroche was published both in print and online, but the online version was deleted a few hours later while the print edition existed as of press time.

According to Thinking Pinoy the tabloid Pilipino Star Ngayon (PSN) is the leading tabloid newspaper of daily nationwide circulation in the Philippines. It is published in Filipino, and it's owned and operated by one of the country's leading news daily, the PhilStar Daily, Inc., which also owns and operates the major broadsheet Philippine Star.

Thinking Pinoy was accused by Trillanes of posting fake news after the blogger posted a reaction to Pedroche's column but later on he discovered that PSN took down the article, thereby Trillanes camp accused TP of spreading fake news but netizens are intelligent now as they keep on posting archived documents showing that the article did exist.

Source: ThinkingPinoy

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